Protocol on Buying Gifts for Christenings

This isn’t quite as easily answered as one might expect, as it depends upon the situation and your relation to the child being christened. If, for instance, they are a niece, nephew, cousin or younger sibling, then no matter what the situation is, it would be best if you could get them something for the occasion. If your relationship to the child is quite far removed, then it might not be necessary, but in that situation it comes down to the cultural importance of the occasion. A lot of people christen their children because they were and because it’s part...
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Pewterware Christening Frames

There are many christening gifts out there, and it’s not just beloved jewellery that can come from Pewterware. There are also many Pewterware frames, and these can add a personal touch, especially if they contain a picture of the child on their christening. Pewterware christening frames are stylish and nowhere near as expensive as sterling silver, so you’re wallet will not feel the bite of the bullet. This form of silver works for jewellery, mugs, key chains and cutlery, but a Pewterware frame is one of the most popular christening gifts and they’re available at very reasonable prices, while you...
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