Lending a Hand with a Christening

If you’re not sure what to buy for the christening of a friend or family member’s child, why not offer to help out instead? This could be especially useful if you have a specific skill that the family might be able to make use of, so think carefully about what you could do that would be a great gift for them. Here are some ideas:

  • Make the christening cake. If you’re a good baker, why not offer to make a beautiful cake to help the family and their guests celebrate?
  • Help with catering. Even if you are not able to do it all yourself, see if you could make a few nibbles or find an outside caterer to help.
  • Make handmade invitations. Invitations can be expensive and also won’t necessarily look good enough to justify the price. Handmade christening invitations can be a beautiful touch.
  • Tailor the christening gown. The family will really appreciate such a special gift.