Designer Christening Gowns – Why They’re Still Popular

The epitome of designer christening gowns would surely come from the British royal family. Certainly as more and more celebrities have babies and take a traditional christening route, finding the perfect gown by the perfect designer is of paramount importance to them. Even those that opt for a more modern naming ceremony, the gowns are chosen carefully.

In years gone by it has been tradition to dress both male and female babies in a christening gown. It’s becoming more popular amongst high profile parents to dress their baby boys in white suits or romper sets for their special day. Also s burgeoning trend in celeb circles is the addition of colour into the gowns instead of all white outfits.

The only thing that can possibly trump a designer gown is an heirloom one. If a gorgeous arrangement of lace and silk has been handed down through the family for generations it touches a special place in the heart. This has been the case in the royal family until 2004 when the original hand sewn gown was finally put into preservation mode. Hand made in 1841, and worn by sixty royal babies since, the delicate garment was finally retired.

But in 2013, Wills and Kate had a replica made for Prince George’s christening, and we expect the pending baby may were the gown again. What a wonderful testament to the beautiful traditions of their family and also the future.

Designer christening gowns have had a surge in popularity recently as access to designer wear is more widespread. This is a very special time for a family to gather and celebrate the birth of new life. In the case of a celebrities and royalty this may also be the first real time the family is presented for public scrutiny and adoration.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to a baby’s christening outfit and if you haven’t got a celebrity budget, then be inventive. Like adult clothes, op shops can be a treasure trove of low priced, good quality goods. Keep an eye out for baby clothes. If you or a family member are crafty you could sew and embroider your very own goods and create you very own family heirloom.

Having a gown specially designed doesn’t come cheap but if you are going to use it to be handed down to future babies, well, how can you put a price on that? Babies hold a special place in our hearts and bring the zest of life back into a family. They remind of our children when they were tiny, and they bring a hope that there is some good in the world. It isn’t any wonder that we try not to save money when it comes to a very special as they are officially welcomed into the family and onto the earth.

No matter what walk of life we come from, our baby boys and girls will always be royalty and rock stars to us. The purchase of a gown or special outfit or even the outlay for one to be made will always seem worth it to us.