Do Christening Gowns Go in and Out of Fashion?

A christening gown was once a staple of a christening, with the baby decked out in a flowing white gown. Nowadays, christening gowns are sometimes more plain, if one is even required at all. Do certain types of gown go in and out of fashion, and what is the current etiquette for christening wear?

Many people now don’t treat christenings as quite such a formal event, seeing it as more of a party amongst friends and family to welcome a baby into the world. This might call for slightly less formal christening attire for the baby and, indeed, the guests.

However, christening gowns will probably never go out of fashion per se. They are one of those things that will always have a purpose and are liked by many. If you do want a traditional gown, you will be able to find plenty around still and if you prefer, you can have one tailor-made.