Styles you can choose for your baby’s christening

Christening, unlike many other occasions is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most of us. However, like other occasions, you do want your children to look nice and eye catching. Most christening dresses usually involve some type of gowns which are usually in white or pale shades of yellow or pink. However today, its not about colour, but the styles of christening dresses, or rather gowns(both are rather interchangeable terms and mostly mean the same thing), you can choose for your baby.
Heirloom GownsIf you live in a relatively large family, or have your relatives nearby, chances are, you will have a heirloom gown stacked up at some relative’s place. Mostly heirloom gowns are made of high quality fibres and sometimes come with really enchanting embroidery work. It is not only fitting for the occasion (since it mostly involves family members), but heirloom gowns will have a regal sense and belongingness which you cannot find in any other dress. Nowadays, you can also find heirloom gowns sold in some shops or even online. While the choices are less and prices may vary a lot, if you do strike lucky with the right gown it will be the perfect choice for your child.
Customized Gowns                                                                                                         One problem with heirloom christening dresses is that they may or may not not fit well for your child. So if you don’t have a heirloom gown or if it doesn’t fit well for your child, your best bet is to have one custom stitched for him or her. Apart from the fitting, you can also add a personal touch like adding his or her name in the embroidery work or the dress. If the custom stitch just doesn’t fit the budget or you don’t have enough time for the process, there are dresses available with detachable bows, sashes and trains. These ‘add-ons’ can be fitted into a unisex gown and be made available within a short time.
‘A Touch of Colour’ Gowns
Okay so you have a gown which is almost good for your baby, almost. You can always follow the trend and change a regular gown into a fashionable ‘ A touch of colour’ gowns by adding a delicate flower with streamers on the waist or a light blue ribbon from the front of the gown. However take care while choosing the colour of these additions and keep them as pale as possible. Loud colours are generally avoided in formal family occasions like christening and it would strike improper to add anything even a tiny bit loud in your child’s dress.
Shantung Gowns                                                                                                        Shantung is actually a textile created by weaving synthetic fibres or silk in a way that it appears extremely soft and drapes very easily. Shantung has a stubbed appearance and can be used for a christening gown. However, expect the budget to be stretched a bit as these fibres are usually premium quality.
Those were the four styles of gowns you could choose for your child’s christening ceremony. Be sure to check our blog for more information and tips about christening dresses and traditions.