The significance of Silver to a Christening

Silver spoons, tankards, cufflinks, picture frames and mugs can be extremely popular and traditional gifts for christenings and it’s a custom that’s alive and well.

There is almost an obligation to purchase silver products for a fiend or relative’s christening, and these gifts can be ideal. The idea of purchasing sliver cutlery came about many years ago, and it tended to be a concept that existed amongst middle class families, yet today that tradition has actually broadened.

The idea behind a christening gift is to be able to receive them from tour parents later, when your old enough to appreciate them. For example a child is unlikely to use cuff links or a tankard until he is older, and they tend to be gift that are not used and damages, instead kept away as a memory of your christening. Silver and Christenings go hand in hand, and if you have a baptism on the way, a silver tankard for a boy or jewellery for a girl can be ideal presents.