Tips to Choosing the Best Baby Christening Gowns

The arrival of a newborn marks one of the most significant events in the lives of married people, while christening takes over as the next memorable event. It is a solemn and significant ceremony, sparking heightened celebrations to usher a newborn baby into the Christian world. It all starts with finding the right godfathers and godmothers, making prior arrangements with the church and finding the best place for the reception. Above all these, however, ensuring that your child looks trendy in a perfect christening gown should top the list of your worries. While there are several considerations to make when choosing a christening gown, it should not be a burden. With these proven tips, choosing a gown will be one of the easiest ventures. Here is the insight:

Select the most appropriate color 

Baby christening gowns come in a variety of colors and styles. Universally, most people prefer white because it is an indication of purity and the beginning of life. In some cases, you may wish to consult with your priest or officiating person for an idea of the most ideal color. A touch of colors is the most recent trend, so you may wish to consider it too. For instance, you can choose to grace the dress with a pink baby ribbon adorning the sleeves or even the hem. Alternatively, a soft blue ribbon running down the front of a gown can be ideal especially for boys. 

Choose the right material 

While most people pay attention to visual appeal, you should ensure that the comfort of your child is dressed too. Some fabric may trigger an allergic reaction to your baby, so choose one that breathes fluidly for optimal comfort. Consider the weather too, and choose something like baptiste cotton which is the most ideal because it is extremely light.

Look at the style too

Style mostly depends on the taste of the parents. Right from elaborate gowns to simple baby christening gowns, do some consultation before finding the most appropriate style. Customised gowns will give you a chance to make the dress to your specific taste while shantung gowns are made from a weaver of synthetic and silk fibers. It has a slubbed appearance and besides, shantung drapes cheaply, making it an ideal fabric for your gown.


The manner in which a christening gown fits your child should be given some audience because it determines the way in which a child will move in the gown. Besides, it teams up with fabric to determine the level of comfort that your child will enjoy. If you cannot afford a specialty store, therefore, take the most accurate measurements, having it in mind that the child should move freely in a gown.

Don’t forget the cost

Budgeting is at the forefront of any monetary transaction, a reason why you should not forget to consider the cost of a christening gown. You don’t have to go on a shopping spree in order to be satisfied that you child is comfy and stylish. Budget differs with style, right from expensive designer gowns to low-priced ordinary gowns. Whatever the case, stay off the alluringly cheap gowns because manufacturers try to leverage on the cost of production by releasing poor quality gowns.

Conclusively, it is important to have a clear picture of what you want for the newborn before hitting online stores and designer shops. You may also wish to consider finer details such as the accompanying accessories, religion and timing. Regardless of all these, ensure you settle for a christening gown that takes care of fashion, visual appeal, your taste and the comfort of a newborn.