How to Buy the Perfect Christening Gifts

Christenings aren’t the same as weddings, in that the parents don’t usually have a gift list of things they would like to receive for their baby. However, as a guest at a christening, you will probably want to buy the parents and the baby something special to remember their special day. Here is a brief guide to buying the perfect gift: Clothes will always go down well. New babies as messy and can never have enough outfits. There are some really cute outfits you can buy as well, which will be really appreciated. Think about getting something with the date...
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What to Wear for a Christmas Christening

A christening is always going to be a special event that brings all the family together. If it is around Christmas time, it is even more special. It’s a time for everyone to meet a new baby, celebrate its birth, and have a Christmas catch up as well. Should you dress your baby in anything different if it is a Christmas christening? It isn’t particularly important – as the parent, you can make sure you baby is dressed in something you are comfortable with. If you want to give the outfit a Christmassy touch then you can, but you should...
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Ivory Bows and Pearls Gown

Created from superb 100% ivory silk dupion, this Ivory Bows and Pearls Gown is elegantly simple fashionable. Pin tucking, which was used at the sleeves and the bodice, gathers the silk to create a fuller effect. Pretty ivory heirloom lace edges the hem and the sleeves and might even be seen round the simple round neckline. The robe is studded in all places with small satin bows and pearl beads and teardrop shaped pearl beads that have been individually sewn on by hand. The matching peak bonnet, which comes with the robe, and in addition made out of silk dupion,...
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